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Dr. James Lowe's 30+ years of expertise as a neurosurgeon, combined with J. Clancey Bounds and J. Brent Smith's 50 years of successful litigation, providing you with a unique blend of medical and legal acumen to navigate complex medical malpractice cases.

We have been partnering with our clients since 1995.

What is the best attorney team for you? Your team at Bounds Lowe Law includes an attorney who has actually evaluated, diagnosed, and operated on patients with brain and spine problems, working alongside experienced attorneys who have 50 years of success litigating cases like yours. Although the focus of the Bounds Lowe Law firm is on the complex matters of brain and spine medical negligence, we continue to accept cases involving all areas of medical negligence.

Our attorneys have experienced success litigating a wide variety of cases involving surgical errors of all types, birth injury, wrong site surgery, missed diagnosis of emergent conditions of all types, delay in diagnosis and treatment of stroke, and delayed cancer diagnosis, to name just a few. All medical malpractice claims require some understanding of basic medicine, and each also demands a deeper knowledge of the specific topic to truly understand the case’s merits. You will not find a law firm better equipped to represent you and succeed with your medical negligence case than our team of attorneys at Bounds Lowe Law.

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“The Bounds Lowe Law practice is exclusively focused on representing patients and families harmed as a result of Medical Malpractice”

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“Attorney James Lowe, MD, JD, has the experience and education to best represent those injured by medical malpractice.”

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“Attorney James Lowe, MD, JD is a rare ‘doctor-lawyer’ with decades of actual neurosurgical practice experience and extensive experience analyzing legal problems related to negligent medical care.”

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"If you or your loved one has been injured by negligent medical care, there’s no one better prepared to represent you than Attorney James Lowe, MD, JD."

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